Accenten Accenten


Accenten (The Accent) is a bright modern study room perfectly suited to small meetings or group work in conjunction with larger meetings. Large windows with views toward the lovely surroundings of Linköping Konsert & Kongress contribute to the pleasant atmosphere in Accenten. There is a generous open area adjacent for socialising and mingling. Welcome to successful meetings in Accenten!
Bright functionality for those small successful meetings


Backstage Backstage


Backstage has a unique and cool ambiance with a behind the scenes theme. Backstage boasts Linköping’s longest bar and the venue is perfect for festivities such as dinners and tailor-made events. Here conferences, stand-up and concerts alternate with each other. Its own entrance from Vasavägen makes accessibility to Backstage optimal and it can function as an independent venue in conjunction with other events at Linköping Konsert & Kongress.
Festive venue with its own bar and stage, for you and your party


Crusellhallen Crusellhallen


Large and imposing with great acoustics and character. Experience the sensation in Crusellhallen, the pride and joy of Linköping Konsert & Kongress. Crusellhallen is our largest conference and concert hall. There is room for up to 1,200 guests.

Dressing room 5 Dressing room 5


Welcome to dressing room 5 at Konsert & Kongress.
Dressing room 5 is our largest dressing room and accommodates up to 45 people. Our dressing rooms are set apart from the other conference facilities. There is peace and tranquillity here with room for reflexion and conversation.

Dressing room 6 Dressing room 6


Welcome to dressing room 6 at Konsert & Kongress. Normally this is a place where our artists prepare themselves for the forthcoming concert. Here you have the opportunity to host a private meeting in an unusual setting at Konsert & Kongress. Our dressing rooms are set apart from the other conference facilities, there is room for reflexion and private conversation here.

Duetten Duetten


With exceptional functionality, good space and light, Duetten (The Duet) is a venue for successful and enjoyable meetings. Close to the Linköping Konsert & Kongress Bistro and other locations, venues and facilities in Linköping Konsert & Kongress, Duetten is a really great place for smaller meetings
A venue for successful and enjoyable meetings


Galleri K Galleri K


In the heart of Linköping Konsert & Kongress you will find Galleri K (Gallery K). Open, light and airy with large glass panels. Local artists often display their work here. Galleri K has a central position in Konsert & Kongress and is very adaptable. Here you will find the optimal space for organising events, exhibitions, fairs and mingles.
Open, light and airy in the heart of Linköping Konsert & Kongress



Garden Garden


Garden is a large flexible inner court with a glass roof and outstanding space. Fairs, conferences and dinners alternate here. The incredible ceiling height with roof windows gives the venue light and life. The Garden is our largest lunch and banqueting hall and is suitable for everything from lunches to gala dinners. There is a permanent stage here for entertainment and dancing. By opening into the adjacent venue the capacity is further extended so that as many as 1,800 guests can participate in an event.
With enormous flexibility and fantastic space for new experiences

Garden Balkong Garden Balkong


Gather the group for an enjoyable mingle before an event. Balkongen (The Balcony) is an excellent place for functions with a unique view over the spacious Garden. Here you can meet in a separate space but still be at the heart of the action.
The perfect mingling space with an outstanding view over the Garden.


Find a Venue

Find your venue

Locales and venues are flexible at Linköping Konsert & Kongress and no event is too big or too small. No matter whether you want to arrange your next congress, exhibition, board meeting or event, we have the perfect venues.

We have listed our venues in alphabetical order below. Not sure exactly what you are looking for? Go to “Book meeting” and send us a contact form stating your requirements and we will get back to you with a proposal.