Parties & Dinners

It is in the air…
You come into the venue and get struck by one of those great feelings. Then you know it is going to be a really fun evening. Everything is in order, everything is ready. All you need to do is sit down at the table and enjoy a fantastic night.

White cloths on the tables, flowers, candlelight and atmospheric music brightens the room. Wonderful aromas come from the kitchen. There is anticipation in the air and everyone is charged for an exciting finish to an inspiring day.

Complete your conference with a delicious banquet. Our talented chefs will cook a fantastic meal for you and your company. Sit at a beautifully laid table and enjoy the food, drink and service.

Here you can see a selection of what the kitchen has to offer.

If you wish to know more…
For more menu suggestions please contact Linköping Konsert & Kongress Conference Section (Konferensavdelning) on tel: 013-190 00 50 or